Horka/Upper Lusatia (Saxony):
Road overpass Horka freight station


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GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH


DB ProjektBau GmbH


From 2008 to 2013

Project Activities

Project planning Part VII, Lph 1-4 and 6 § 55 HOAI (2009) and structural design Part VIII, Lph 2-3 § 64 HOAI (2009) for engineering structures.

Coordination with Deutsche Bahn regarding railway operations during the construction period, preparation of a crossing agreement and coordination of the measures for divisional relocation.


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

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Frankfurt Airport Center 1

D-60549 Frankfurt am Main

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GRE - Gauff Rail Engineering GmbH & Co. KG was commissioned by DB ProjektBau GmbH, Dresden in 2008 with the overall planning for the section Horka - border D/ PL including the removal of the overpass.

The extension line Hoyerswerda - Horka - border D/ PL with the double-track extension and electrification of the section Knappenrode - Horka - border D/ PL is part of the European railway corridor C30 for the connection of important economic centres for international freight traffic in east-west direction.

In the area of the Horka freight station, the level crossings between the railway facilities and the two-lane state road will be removed in this context. As a replacement, a road overpass over 3 spans will be built in reinforced concrete construction as a two-span slab beam over the goods station.

Due to the very difficult inhomogeneous subsoil conditions (thin layers of silt, sand and clay in constant alternation) in the area of the goods station, a deep foundation with large bore piles is required here.


Spans: 14.5 m / 19.9 m / 14.5 m

Clear width: 44.1 m (vertical between WL)

Clearance height: > 6.20 m above SE

Total length: 49 m

Total width: 13.2 m