We are German Rail Engineering

Let us be clear...

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it“ (Alan Kay)

By 2050 the world population will rise to almost nine billion individuals. 80% will probably live in cities, a large part in so-called megacities. Moreover the population is getting older; this demographic change has already found its way. 150 years ago, the life expectancy of a person still stood at 40; today it is sometimes twice as high. What does that mean in future for us as a planner, for our customers and ultimately for the final users?

For us at Dorsch (DI / BDC), the independent planning and engineering company, this means responding to the changed living conditions and proactively controlling new developments through differentiated planning in advance and proactively steering goal-oriented actions.

Innovations: Customer & user benefits are most relevant ...

It’s important to listen, to provide competent, independent consulting expertise and finally creating innovative ideas in order to work together on a sustainable future - these are integral parts of high-quality planning work. Here a keyword is BIM (Building Information Modeling), the digital work method of the construction industry. In concrete terms, the way in which projects will be implemented changes, because BIM creates added value by interacting with people, processes and tools - in a goal-oriented manner over the entire lifecycle of a building. This is how a building project gains in terms of transparency, quality, cost and deadline reliability through its integrated approach. This ultimately benefits everyone - the client, the project team and ultimately the user. GRE is currently working on various projects in different planning phases according to the BIM methodology.

Bringing quality to life ...

According the principle of "keep it simple" we understand our own quality culture. At the end of the Day, it’s important for GRE and the entire Dorsch Gruppe that the customer is satisfied with our performance. Therefore all planning measures must be geared towards this ultimate goal. This can only be achieved, if our employees will questioning and continuously improve all our processes. That is why the GRE also lives a quality management system that provides orientation and transparency - as a kind of compass.

First Mover in the matter of sustainability ...

When it comes to structural change, it’s particularly relevant to get involved in the changed planning work and to integrate the topic of sustainability as an integral part of the entire "thinking and acting" - this also applies to the topic of "sustainable business management". Here we belong to the "first mover" in the industry. In this way, the right direction can be set early on - at the decisive points in each case.

Flat hierarchies, solution-oriented thinking and efficient use of resources are particularly important to us. Here we are supported by our five corporate values: respect /reputation, transparency, responsibility, trust and integrity. Consistently well-thought-out projects - based on thorough analysis, which are developed jointly with and for the user, will result in high acceptances, long-term satisfaction and - above all - longevity of the projects and measures.

Yours sincerely

Jörg Meitzner, Dr. Jens Unger and Thomas Eckart