Burghausen (Upper Bavaria):
Road overpass B20 Burghausen


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GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH


Stadt Burghausen


From 2010 to 2014

Project Activities

Project planning Part VII, Lph 1-7 § 55 HOAI (2009) and structural design Part VIII, Lph 2-6 § 64 HOAI (2009) for engineering structures.

Coordination with the Traunstein State Building Authority regarding road traffic during the construction period and coordination of the measures for the relocation of sections.


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

Frankfurt (Headquarters)
Frankfurt Airport Center 1

D-60549 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 30 24749-0
Fax: +49 30 24749-204
E-Mail: info@gre-rail.com

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The consortium between GRE - Gauff Rail Engineering GmbH & Co. KG and JBG - H.P. Gauff Ingenieure was commissioned by the town of Burghausen in 2010 with the overall planning for the construction of the new road overpass in connection with the realisation of the transhipment terminal.

The object of the project is the construction of a transhipment terminal for combined transport in Burghausen. The planned facility is a technical and operational interface between road and rail transport with the aim of shifting long-distance goods transport from road to rail using standardised loading units.

A new road overpass will be built to create a grade-separated crossing between the CT terminal siding and the two-lane federal road and the parallel footpath and cycle path. Due to the necessary useful track lengths in the terminal, two tracks have to be transferred in the crossing area.

The structure was built as a flat-rounded frame structure with parallel wings.


  • Clear width: 14.0 m
  • Clearance height: > 5.70 m above SE
  • Length: approx. 16.7 m
  • Total width: 13.3 m
  • Crossing angle: 85.5 gon