Altenburg/Metropolitan Region Central Germany (Saxony/Thuringia):
ABS Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Nuremberg - Leipzig/Dresden (Saxony-Magistrale) Line extension Böhlen (a) - Altenburg (e)


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GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH


DB Netz AG


From 2012 to 2020

Project Activities

Project planning of traffic facilities Lph 1-4 including routing services and Lph 6

Project planning of civil engineering structures Lph 1-4 and 6

Technical equipment (OLA, LST, TK, EEA) in Lph 1-4 and 6 and PT1


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

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The line upgrading Böhlen (a) to Altenburg (e) is part of the overall project ABS Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Nuremberg-Leipzig/Dresden, which is called "Sachsenmagistrale" in the line sections from Hof via Plauen and the arch triangle Werdau to Leipzig and Dresden.

Due to the increase in line speed from 120 km/h to 160 km/h on line 6362 in the planning section, track renewal with civil engineering and PSS, renewal/adaptation of line equipment and ESTW technology are to be planned and implemented for both line sections. Already renewed facilities (track systems, overhead line, railroad overpass) were to be included in the planning. In civil engineering, 10 bridges were newly planned. The construction measures were planned in several construction stages while maintaining operations.

Technical parameters

Planning section Route 6362

Böhlen (a) - Altenburg (e)

km 14.6 - km 42.0

Line category: M 160

Route class: D 4

Design speed: 160 km/h

  • Double-track main line
  • Renewal of 3 stops and 3 stations
  • New construction of approx. 50 points
  • New construction of 10 bridges
  • New construction of a pedestrian overpass
  • 3 ESTW, including integration into the neighboring interlockings,
  • Planning of construction conditions in old technology,
  • planning ESTW technology