Erfurt - Nordhausen Strecke 6302 Wolkramshausen - Erfurt PRA 3 - 5 Greußen (a) - Erfurt (a)


  • Railways


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

Construction Sum

26,1 Million


DB Netz AG


From 2020 to 2022

Project Activities

  • Project planning of traffic facilities incl. technical equipment Lph 2 (partly), Lph 3+4, opt. 6-7
  • Project planning of civil engineering structures Lph 2 (partly), Lph 3+4, opt. 6+7
  • Structural design Lph 2 (partly), Lph 3+4, opt. 6
  • Technical track equipment (control and safety technology) Lph 3-5, opt. 6+7
  • Technical equipment (electrical power systems) Lph 3+4, opt. 6+7
  • Project planning for outdoor facilities Lph 3+4, opt. 6+7
  • Construction operation and construction sequence planning
  • Crossing agreements


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

Frankfurt (Headquarters)
Frankfurt Airport Center 1

D-60549 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 30 24749-0
Fax: +49 30 24749-204

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DB Netz AG intends to upgrade the single-track, non-electrified Wolkramshausen - Erfurt line. The aim is to enable a travel time from Nordhausen to Erfurt of approx. one hour and better connections to long-distance and regional transport in Erfurt and also in Nordhausen.
The project section (PRA) 3, section Greußen (a) - Kühnhausen (a), with the stations Straußfurt (incl. entry from direction Sömmerda - line 6721) and Ringleben-Gebesee as well as PRA 4+5 comprise the section Kühnhausen (e) - Erfurt Nord (e) with the stations Kühnhausen, Erfurt-Gispersleben and Erfurt Nord. The section boundary to the Erfurt junction is at km 66.740 (tip of turnout 957 of the Erfurt Dieselstraße junction) approx. 1 km after the Erfurt Nord station.
In order to achieve the traffic and operational goals (travel time reduction, minimisation of personnel costs, reduction of maintenance, modernisation of safety technology), the line speed should be increased to 120/140 km/h as far as possible throughout. Furthermore, the entire section is to be equipped with ESTW technology and the stations are to receive a rationalised track plan.

For this purpose, the alignment of the section of line is to be revised and the superstructure and substructure including drainage of the rail transport system are to be comprehensively renewed. In addition, the level crossings are to be adapted to the new safety technology and the structural facilities are to be renewed in accordance with the requirements of the road authority. The scope of the project also includes the upgrading and renewal of the existing engineering structures along the line (level crossings, culverts, retaining walls, etc.).

  • Length of line: approx. 30 km
  • Expansion speed 120/140 km/h
  • Equipped with ESTW technology