Westerwaldkreis (Rhineland-Palatinate):
A 48, AS Höhr-Grenzhausen, Bw 5511500, New replacement building, A.11475.00 - Landscape management planning documents


  • Environment & Sustainability


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH


The Autobahn GmbH of the Federal Government Western Branch Regional Office Montabaur


From 2022 to 2023

Project Activities

  • Landscape conservation plan (LBP)
  • Biotope type mapping
  • Faunistic mapping (avifauna, bats, dormice)
  • Technical report on species protection according to § 44 BNatSchG
  • Preparation of UVP preliminary assessment


GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH

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The federal motorway company Autobahn GmbH is planning to renew the overpass structure of the L 307 Paul-Viehmann-Allee over the A 48 in the area of the Höhr-Grenzhausen junction. During the construction period, a temporary structure will be erected next to the existing structure, followed by the demolition of the existing structure and the construction of a new structure in the same location. The new construction is necessary because the structure has damage that could impair its stability in the foreseeable future, either individually or collectively, and/or could lead to an impairment of road safety.
In spring 2022, biotope mapping based on the biotope type catalogue of Rhineland-Palatinate and faunistic surveys (dormouse, bat and avifauna) were carried out. The faunistic mapping, together with the biotope type mapping, formed the basis for the preparation of the accompanying landscape conservation plan and the expert report on species protection. In the course of the environmental planning, a preliminary EIA assessment was also prepared.

Size of study area: 12 ha