Signing Contract Ceremony for MRT Blue Line Extension Project

On February 17, 2011, Dorsch Consult Asia has signed the Contracts of The MRT Blue Line Extension Project: Hua Lamphong – Bang Khae and Bang Sue Tha Phra Sections with Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA).

Together with the other companies, three representatives from Dorsch Consult Asia: CEO Mr. Juergen Supik, Regional Manager Mr. Evan Mead and Senior Civil Engineer Mr. Sorayut Na Ranong participated in this official signing contract ceremony which took place at the Emerald hotel, Thailand. There were seven contracts for the Blue Line MRT extension with bid winners. Five of the deals were civil-work contracts.

Italian-Thai Development won the first, to design and build the 2.8-kilometre underground route from Hua Lamphong to Sanam Chai, worth Bt11.441 billion. Ch Karnchang won the second, to design and build the 2.6km underground route from Sanam Chai to Tha Phra worth Bt10.687 billion.

A joint venture between Sino-hydro Corporation and Unique Engineering and Construction won the third contract, involving the construction of the 11km Taopoon-to-Tha Phra elevated rail line worth Bt11.284 billion. Sino-Thai won the fourth contract, involving construction of a 10.5km elevated railway from Tha Phra to Lak Song, worth Bt13.334 billion. Ch Karnchang won the fifth contract, to supply the rolling stock, worth Bt10.687 billion.

Dorsch Consult Asia together with the Index Group won the project management consultancy deal worth Bt726 million and the MAA Group won the construction supervision consultancy contract worth Bt1.209 billion.
This project aim is to build 27 km Subway with 21 Stations.

The project start on March 2011 as MRTA chairman Supoth Sublom said the constructors were expected to move in within 30 days and finish the project before the scheduled completion date of 2016, to enable the new line to be up and running in 2015.

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