KREBS+KIEFER and Dorsch Gruppe enter a strategic partnership

The pooling and expansion of competences provide the best basis for a sustainable building infrastructure as guarantor of future-oriented living environments. It is for this reason that the KREBS+KIEFER Group is bringing its affiliated companies into Dorsch Gruppe operating under the umbrella of RAG-Stiftung, Essen for a long-term and sustainable partnership.

The operating companies of KREBS+KIEFER will continue to act independently as a multi-brand organisation, together with the sister companies Dorsch International Consultants GmbH, German Rail Engineering GmbH, PB Consult GmbH and spiekermann ingenieure gmbh which are already part of the Dorsch Gruppe. The group of companies thus covers virtually all service areas of the construction industry and can draw on the skills and capacities of approximately 1,200 employees in Germany alone. “With this majority shareholding we are permanently strengthening the position of both companies in the key German market, at regional, technical and operational level“, Andreas Schweinar, CFO of Dorsch Holding comments.

In the future, the activities of this Group inside Germany and in other European countries will be coordinated by the Management Board Europe of KREBS+KIEFER Dorsch Gruppe, which is staffed with experienced professionals of KREBS+KIEFER and Dorsch. The range of services of the Group covers planning and consulting in the sectors of building construction, transport route construction by rail, road and air, water and environment as well as energy supply infrastructure. Regional representatives are available at 22 locations across Germany. In cooperation with the globally operating Dorsch Gruppe, now over 3,400 staff members in around 50 countries are interconnected.

“In the face of current challenges, such as mobility and the energy transition, digitalisation and automated manufacturing, as well as climate change and globalisation, the construction industry plays a decisive role as an indispensable infrastructure developer. Our group of companies is broadly positioned in all of these areas and offers the best opportunities for development and creativity, particularly for young people who are keen to take on social responsibility as well“ says Prof. Dr. Jan Akkermann, CEO of the Management Board Europe.

Olaf Hoffmann, CEO of Dorsch Holding, comments: “Innovation and networking with other affiliates of RAG-Stiftung from automation, digitalisation and information technology will rank among the key synergy effects in the coming years.“

The interests of the Management Board Europe (MBE) of KREBS+KIEFER Dorsch Gruppe will be coordinated by five experts in the future: Prof. Dr. Jan Akkermann as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) represents the interests of the entire organisation and focuses in particular on the areas of Engineering, Consulting und Innovation. In this role he is supported by Mr. Michael Schanzenbach, who coordinates the individual operative business units as Chief Product Officer (CPO). As Chief Operations Officer (COO) Mr. Karsten Däumer will be in charge of organising all overarching processes within the Group. In the commercial sector Ms. Julia Hille as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) will work closely with Mr. Robert Kiefer as Chief Controlling Officer (CCO).

The management and staff of the Group look forward to continued successful collaboration with clients and business partners and to fruitful and sustainable cooperation in the new partnership.

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