Iraqi Engineers Visit Dorsch Office in Wiesbaden

The reason for the two/four-weeks-lasting visit by Civil Engineer Mr Fadihl Abbas Mohsin, Civil Engineer Ms Zainab Abdulrssool Mohammed, and Architect Ms Vian Mohammed Salih was the reconstruction and rebuilding of the Iraqi Al-Fatha-bridge, which has been damaged during the second Gulf War.

At our subsidiary in Wiesbaden these employees of the Iraqi Republic Railway Company have been trained to coordinate operations restoring the Tigris crossing bridge, so that it can be re-released in medium term for rail traffic again.

CEO of the Dorsch Gruppe Olaf Hofmann hands out the certificate to Fadihl Abbas Mohsin, The certificate proves the Civil Engineer has successfully completed a series of trainings in the field of transportation and bridge engineering at the company DC Transport Infastructure. Picture from left to right: CEO Olaf Hoffmann, Civil Engineer Fadihl Abbas Mohsin, Architect Vian Mohammed Salih, Civil Engineer Zainab Abdulrssool Mohammed, Peter Reif.