International EPC Contractors Respond to Bakhrabad – Siddhirganj Gas Pipeline Project

DC India in association with DC Wasser und Umwelt is working as Owner’s Engineer on Bakhrabad Siddhirganj high pressure natural gas pipeline project. This project is financed by International Development Association (IDA) / World Bank.

Bids for Turnkey contract involving pipe laying for 60 km length / 30” diameter with 6 major river crossing and 2 Regulating and Metering Stations (RMS) are floated by Client i.e. Gas Transmission Co. Ltd. (GTCL). Bidding documents are bought by international EPC contractors from countries like China, India, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Turnkey, UAE.

Pre bid meeting was scheduled on 17th August 2010 at Dhaka. Bidders expressed their interest by attending this meeting in great numbers.

Mr. Olaf Hoffmann, CEO and President of Dorsch Holding, visited Dhaka around pre bid meeting and discussed issues with GTCL and World Bank (Picture from left – Mr. Md. Aminur Rahman, Managing Director, GTCL, Mr. Nirmal G. Humbad, Mr. G. S. Patel, Mr. Kai Lewens, Mr. Olaf Hoffmann and Mr. Sheriff, Project Director GTCL).

Dorsch has already completed designs of this project and bidding documents were finalized in consultation with GTCL, under guidelines of World Bank’s procurement guidelines / requirements.