DC Asia signs motorway contract with CREGC from China

Dorsch Consult Asia Co., Ltd. signed a contract in Thailand with CREGC from China for the detailed design of 9 toll plazas of the M6 Motorway Project and additional 8 toll plazas of the M81 Motorway Project under the Department of Highways in a PPP scheme of BGSR (BTS, GULF, STECON, RATCH).

The 196 km M6 Motorway will substantially improve connectivity to North East (Nakhon Ratchasima) and the 96 km M81 Motorway to the West (Kanchanaburi).

The detailed design will include beside the Toll Plazas also Central Control Buildings (CCB), Operation and Maintenance Center, Building Services and other relevant facilities such as U-turns and Service Roads. 

Contact: Juergen Supik ( ‚Äč