"Airports" Cover Story and Interview with MD N. Humbad in Construction Times India

In July 2021, Construction Times India published a special issue on airports

Excerpt article as PDF: Cover Story: Airports Construction Article (PDF, 4.6 MB)

In this issue, the reputed professional magazine examines the current scenario at airports and highlights the requirements for future-proof airports from the perspective of its infrastructure development, public-private partnerships (PPP), terminal design and construction, and adoption of advanced technologies for higher user quality.

PPP will become more feasible with the use of advanced and proven technologies. Besides the application of smart technologies, airports should be planned and developed with a modular approach.

The professional publication interviewed Nirmal Humbad, Managing Director of Dorsch Consult India Pvt.Ltd, a subsidiary of Dorsch Gruppe based in Mumbai, on this this issue. "Increased usage of advanced technologies will not only help efficiency of airports but also passenger comfort." says Nirmal Humbad.

Read more in the Interview on advanced airport technologies (PDF, 180 kB) with MD Nirmal Humbad.